15 of the Best Music Venues in Brooklyn, NY

Discover 15 of the best live music venues in Brooklyn NY - from hip hop bars to metal clubs - plus tips on how to get tickets.

15 of the Best Music Venues in Brooklyn, NY

When it comes to live music venues in New York, you can expect a certain atmosphere in those located in Manhattan. But if you're looking for the best indie rock bands, a DIY vibe and a great view of the stage, then you should check out the best places to see live music in Brooklyn. We've compiled our favorite spots, from the best places to hear hip-hop to the most brutal metal bars in New York. The Bell House is a Gowanus bar and music venue that is worth a visit.

It has two bars, one located in an ornate front room and the other in the show space in the back, offering plenty of drinking options, from beers to a list of more than 20 bourbons. The independently booked acts range from comedy stars to bands and dance parties. Wild Bird can accommodate 207 people in its music room with a complete production of sound, light and live broadcasting. Brooklyn Steel was named one of the best music venues by Rolling Stone magazine.

It works great for concerts, awards shows, conferences, receptions and experiential events. Elsewhere is a music venue with several rooms, a nightclub and an art space that focuses on underground and unbound music presented with love. Sewhere is a place where the next generation of artists feels inspired. The staff at Sewhere went out of their way to ensure that the place was safe and pleasant for everyone.

Friends and Lovers is a music venue that offers modern music, strong drinks and friendly people. It operates to provide a safe place for all types of people to relax, be themselves and find love, have fun with all their hearts and dance. The public records have a sound room with capacity for 200 people with its Isonoe mixer and the OJAS system. The Williamsburg music room is iconic because of its unique space and elegant appearance.

It has a capacity of 650 people and is located in Brooklyn. The Sultan's Room has a capacity of 201 people standing and 115 seated. The interior environment is 4600 square feet with a 20-foot-high ceiling and large folding windows that illuminate light from outside. It has a thoughtfully designed 7000 square foot exterior, so it can accommodate up to 2500 people. The Magic City is an emerging certified kitchen company in the early 20th century that shares local food-based start-ups with a community that is ready to share ideas.

The Market Hotel is a concert hall for all ages and a neighborhood hangout with views of the subway on the second floor of a 140-year-old building on Myrta Broadway in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The battery has been in operation for the past 30 years and works from Friday to Sunday. Baby's Alright is a music venue with capacity for 280 people with a bar in the concert hall, another on the side of the restaurant and a service bar. Restrictions apply to offset the required age; people over 21 years of age are preferred for shows; however, people over 18 years old may be allowed, depending on the nature of the arrangements. For more than 40 years, Celebrate Brooklyn has been in operation. It has shaped Brooklyn's cultural and media landscape by introducing and incubating media creators, artists, students and creators.

They now have capacity for 18 to 22 sessions during the night and have plenty of space to expand them. The rooms are easily available, but reservations are recommended in advance. Tba is a converted garage space with a 20-foot roof and exposed brick and concrete. It also has a 23-foot handmade natural white oak bar and matching 10-foot common tables. The Owl is Brooklyn's new music concert venue that features innovative modern music and innovative musicians. This restaurant, bar and stage located in a small but lively strip of Williamsburg has already become an iconic musical institution within just a few years, featuring lively outdoor musical performances and DJs ranging from experimental (Pharmakon) to fashionable (Ariel Pink).

From intimate venues to live music, large stadiums to exclusive sound systems - Brooklyn's music venues have something for everyone.

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